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Try Museloop to enhance your visitor experience and make it more engaging and meaningful. Our goal is to help museums elevate their interpretive content through interactive educational games. Leading museums have already adopted the platform to engage their visitors of all ages, particularly families and young adults. Quick and easy implementation making it the ideal tool for both temporary and permanent exhibits.

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Engagement is Key

  • Many apps promise engagement, we actually deliver! Tracking visitor engagement is crucial, so we help museums to measure and analyze it
  • Everything data – We collect data about downloads, games played, completion rates, time in app and more
  • Our unique Feedback Collection Feature tracks satisfaction and willingness to recommend your museum in real time
  • Clients receive periodic reports and constant support in improving and promoting the app


Fun intuitive experience with contextual content to evoke curiosity and meaningful learning


Affordable, easy and quick to roll out for any museum or exhibit, temporary or permanent


Scalable, flexible and sustainable with minimum operational resources required


Constantly evolving the experience and analytics platform based on museum feedback and cross-institutional collaboration


Streamlined Process

  1. Pick a path – Choose in which gallery to deploy Museloop. We can begin with a single path, or with multiple to encourage repeat visits
  2. Use existing content – We’ll work together to easily and quickly adapt your existing interpretive content to our templates.
  3. Publish and promote app – Within weeks, the app will be published in the stores. We will give you all the support you need to successfully promote and market it.
  4. Measure and analyze success – We’ll provide you with reports to improve visitor experience and track project success.

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