A Whole New Museum Experience

Museloop enhances the museum visit for a more engaging and meaningful experience. Our platform perfectly adapts to any museum or exhibit and creates a game-based guided tour on a mobile app


Bridging the gap between museums and tech generation


Games = Fun Effective way to learn and retain knowledge seamlessly


The exhibits are at the front and center. Games and mobile devices are just means to stir curiosity and attract attention to physical exhibits


We focus on tools to experience museums, empowering users to then explore on their own. By making museums approachable, visitors are happy to return

  • We visited the museum with our two 8-year old grandkids. They wandered around at first, but then we discovered the games app and they took on the challenge! They played and were engaged and were so proud of their success while examining the exhibits closely. It was wonderful to see them so fascinated... they didn’t want to go home!

    Aliza and Shraga Visitors at Beit Hatfutsot, The Museum of the Jewish People
  • The many visitors who used the app say that the games expanded their knowledge and gave them a new and unique point of view. Highly recommended!

    Nurit Gazit Chief Digital Officer, Beit Hatfutsot, The Museum of the Jewish People
  • We finished the tour with the Museloop app, it was very cool! We are really not the ‘museum type’ and yet, we had a lot of fun.

    Ronnie (10) Visitor at Tel Aviv Museum of Art
  • I came with a friend and as a high school teacher I was charmed by how the app could really be a fit for teenagers and draw them to be interested in museums and art.

    Tamar Visitor at Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Visitor Engagement Made Fun

  • Museloop helps museums elevate their interpretive content through interactive educational games
  • Our platform easily and quickly adapts to each museum or exhibit, temporary or permanent
  • Our museum clients remain on the forefront of technology in a cost-effective way
  • The data and analytics we provide, enable museums to know their visitors and drive revenue

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